Bathroom & Mezannine


SKU Product Dimensions
440-015 Washstand 60cm
40-016 Washstand 80cm
40-017 Washstand 120cm
70-009 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Safari Lodge 30 -
70-008 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Safari Lodge 40 (8 Persons) -
70-014 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Safari Lodge 40 (6 Persons) -
70-010 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Glamping Lodge 27 -
70-012 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Glamping Lodge 38 -
70-020 Bathroom Walls / Vide / Stairs Glamping Lodge 49 -
70-007 Bathroom interior including Shower, Washstand inc. Tap, Vinyl, Mirror Wall Panel -
80-002 Shower Cabin 115x90x225cm
80-003 Wash Bowl + Tap + Siphon -
80-004 Toilet + Seat + Muffle -
80-012 Mirror -
80-008 Vinyl / m2 -
80-009 Bathroom HPL Sheet -
Bathroom Suites

Our bathroom suites ooze luxury which will be a pleasant surprise when staying inside a Safari Tent or Lodge. With rustic washstands made out of recycled scaffolding boards alongside handy shelving to chic-looking wash basins, there’s a real mix of modern and rustic shaken into one.

Our bathroom collections also come with stylish wood walls allowing bathroom accessories to be hung from the wall such as; mirror, soap bowl, towel rail, toilet roll holder, shelves. We only supply the mirror, as we believe that you would like to add some personal touches & colours to your decor.

Just like the creature comforts of your very own home, guests can enjoy a hot shower. Our standard shower measures 115x90x225.

Please note that we do not install bathroom suites and that a local certified plumber should be sourced.

Recycled Scaffolding Boards

When scaffold boards reach the end of their professional lives, they go into retirement and they're no longer used by Scaffold companies.

This is when the boards need a new loving home and what better place to retire, in the tranquil countryside in a Safari Tent or Safari Lodge!

One aspect of scaffolding furniture is that the materials used are recycled, making it a perfect match for glamping and the environment. Each piece of furniture is unique in its markings and finishes and has it's very own story.

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