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Why Buy a Woody Safari Tent?

The beautiful look of the wooden framed Woody makes it our most popular selling safari tent as it blends seamlessly into natural environments. Both our Wooden and Steel frames are high quality and extremely durable and your choice comes down to budget, setting and personal preference.

Choose your Canvas

The Superior canvas uses the very high quality All Season Residential canvas from TenCate. Made from polyester, strength and durability is a given, but like cotton, the PVA fibres absorb moisture and delay the onset of condensation. The micro porous acrylic coating makes the tent cloth waterproof, breathable and weather-resistant. The canvas is also very easy to clean and meets strict environmental requirements. Flame retardent treatment is available for this canvas at an additional cost.

Our Premium canvas is simply the best out there in the market place due to its longevity and resistance to tear, spillage and fire. This canvas is manufactured in Holland using the very highest quality CampShield canvas from TenCate. This innovative fabric, which as well as being waterproof and weather-resistant is also inherently flame retardant and so meets the stringent European flame retardancy regulations :- BS 7837: 1996, DIN 4102 part 1 - 1998 - Class B2, M1 Classification NF P 92-503 (1995), CSE RF 1/75/A (1984) ,Comfort CPAI 84

Superior Woody Safari Tent

Code Inner
WT 0 4m x 4m 6m x 7.5m
WT 1 5m x 5m 6m x 7.5m
WT 2 5m x 7m 6m x 9.5m
WT 3 5m x 9m 6m x 11.5m
  • PVC skirt to protect canvas from ground conditions
  • 420gsm inner tent canvas
  • 650gsm thick PVC for outer cover
  • Durable wooden frame
  • Water repellent
  • Fire retardent treatment available at an additional cost

Premium Woody Safari Tent

Code Inner
WPT 0 4m x 4m 6m x 7.5m
WPT 1 5m x 5m 6m x 7.5m
WPT 2 5m x 7m 6m x 9.5m
WPT 3 5m x 9m 6m x 11.5m
  • Durable wooden frame
  • Water repellant & fire retardant
  • PVC skirt to protect from ground conditions
  • Meets stringent European and British standards
  • 435gsm thick canvas for inner tent and 650gsm thick PVC for the outer cover

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Premium Wooden Safari Tent Superior Wooden Safari Tent Wooden Safari Tent

Safari Tent Colour Pallette
Colour samples are a rough guide only

Desert 77831 Jade
Anthracite 77491 Marine 77434
Garnet 77885 Aluminium 77483 White 77018 Ink
Caledo 77663 Steel
Silver 77478

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Wooden Safari Tent Specifications

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The new Clear Sky safari tents are a world apart from our old ones and the feedback from guests is great

John, GM at Burnham-on-Sea