Infrared Heating Solutions

Infrared Heating Solutions to extend the season

Clear Sky always listens to their clients. We try to be ahead of the competition, by introducing newmarket developments. For many years, there has been a high market demand for suitable heating solutions. To heat the tents on colder days and extend the season.

Up to now, Clear Sky has offered Wood burners as a solution for those cold winter nights. To help extend your seasons, , Clear Sky has developed new innovative heating solutions in cooperationwith Far Creek Solutions, suitable for our most popular glamping tents The Comet, The Safari Pods, The Woody's and the Club Lodges.

Infrared heating solutions are cost-effective, space-saving and the safest heating solution availablefor canvas lodges. Clear Sky's infrared underfloor heating and ceiling-mounted heating coversheat canvas lodges efficiently and more evenly than other heating solutions. The warmth produced by infrared heating is not comparable to that of a wood burner, for example. Wood burners giveoff direct heat. Infrared heating distributes the heat evenly throughout the space. It is importantto note that infrared solutions will extend the glamping season.

What is infrared heating?

Infrared heating heats by radiation. Harmless infrared heat rays heat the tent. Guests feel the warmth within a half an hour, and the infrared heater also heats the walls, floors and furniture. Infrared heating allows the glamping tents to be heated more efficiently and comfortably. Infrared heating is a safe option. The temperature of the heating elements never exceeds 40⁰C. This technology has been tested extensively.

The many benefits of infrared heating solutions

- Efficient heating by heating surfaces and surroundings instead of air
- Easy to operate heating technology
- Ensures maximum living space
- Cost-effective, particularly when used with the supplied timer that allows max. 2 hours of heating
- Certified solution: guaranteed quality and safety
- A 20-year lifespan without maintenance after installation
- Greater comfort on colder days

safari tent availability

Underfloor heating:

Available for Comet, Safari Pod, Woody and Club Lodge.

Heating covers:

Available for new and existing Woody and Club Lodges.

Infrared underfloor heating is only available for newly ordered glamping tents. The underfloor heating is always combined with vinyl floor covering.

safari tent heating shipment

Shipment 6-8 Weeks*
* For the distribution of the infrared underfloor heating and the heating covers: truck and/or container space to be determined per configuration.

safari tent underfloor heating

safari tent heated covers

Plus Range safari tent

Classic eXperience
Safari Lodge

Comet safari tent

Comet Lodge
Safari Tent

2 Storey Safari Tent

2 Storey
Safari Lodge


Club Lodge safari tent

Club Lodge
Safari Tent

Safari Pod

2 Persons
Safari Pod

safari tent infrared floor heating

safari tent infrared floor heating

safari tent heating investment

Smart investment due to lower operating costs Infrared heating has lower operating costs compared to the alternatives. 22m2 of infrared floor heating consumes 3500 watts per hour, which is approximately £0.35 per hour. *Our infrared heating covers consume 250 w per hour per cover, which equates to £0.04 per hour.**Costs depend on electricity costs where you are. These figures are based on electricity costs in thethe South East.

safari tent heating installation

The heating covers are easy to install by the client. Clear Sky provides an instruction manual. The installation of the underfloor heating for new canvas lodges is done by the installation team when building the lodges.

safari tent heating usage

The infrared heating solutions operate on an automatic timer. The system stops automatically after two hours of operation. It is possible to restart the heating for another two hours, and so on. The purchase of the heating system includes the automatic timer. It prevents the system from continuously running and is, therefore, a cost-effective and safe appliance.

safari tent heating calculation

Overviews are available for the prices of the underfloor heating and heating covers per tent model, along with floor plans. Each floor plan and cost overview indicates the power consumption for each solution and tent model.
NOTE: Some campsites have limited power supply available for the tents. Therefore, it could be a problem combining the underfloor heating, in particular, with other devices.

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