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aller farm glamping

Clear sky has always provided as much help as we can around the planning process across the UK with free planning scale drawings, advice and help in finding local planning consultants. Now, taking this service to the next level, we are proud to announce a strategic partnership with one of the leading teams in this area of the glamping journey.

Rural Planning specialises in providing a holistic approach to your planning needs and has some very successful schemes already agreed across the country. You can be assured of the Clear Sky brand of quality and the most professional approach possible from this exciting new partnership.

aller farm glamping

Hannah Moule

Managing Partner

“We believe that to maintain the beautiful British landscapes we have, it is vital that people have the opportunity to live and work in the countryside. We love playing a part in helping individuals and businesses overcome the planning hurdles and achieving their goals, in a positive, quality way.

We want to deliver a 'wow' technical and customer service every time, in an accessible, staged and transparent structure that all clients feel happy with from the outset.“

Will I get permission for Glamping / Camping?

The big question. The simple answer of course being … it depends.
At a national level, proposals that support the local rural economy are generally supported, and most areas have broad tourism plans that aim to encourage more people to the area.

However, it really comes down to the suitability of your site and the attitude of your council. We’ll set out below the main things to look out for, including the big ‘deal breakers’.

Local designations

Green Belt is the main one here, which can be a ‘deal breaker’. This is a blanket designation around large urban areas to prevent urban sprawl, and there is a presumption against almost all development. Unless you have a very supportive local authority, development in the Green Belt is unlikely to be supported (although not impossible). Other things to look out for which aren’t as serious, but can still complicate things, include AONBs, National Parks, Conservation Areas, SSSI’s, and other natural or ecological matters including flood risk.

Access / Highways Suitability

This is another potential ‘deal breaker’. If you can’t demonstrate a safe and appropriate access then it’s unlikely the council would support any project which brings additional people to the site, most often by car.

Local Planning Policy

Your local council may have a specific policy on these sorts of projects. Some councils are more supportive than others, or may include detailed requirements - for example, that a new campsite is only acceptable if it forms part of farm diversification. Other councils might be silent altogether, in which case it usually comes down to demonstrating that the benefits outweigh the harm.

aller farm glamping
Boundary Farm Glamping
Brackenhill Glamping
Chegworth Glamping

Site practicalities

Take a step back and look at the site and the surrounding area; can your proposal really be accommodated without causing any negative impacts? Things to look out for include:
• Siting and design
• Neighbouring residential amenity
• Nearby historic features i.e. listed buildings
• Water management / drainage
• Landscape impact
• Ecology and trees
• Availability of services
• Proximity to public transport
• Any other businesses that can benefit nearby i.e. pub within walking distance

Quality of application

As consultants, we would say this… but we really believe there is huge value in submitting a detailed planning application setting out how the development will work and why it should be supported.

How we can help you?

The Rural Planning Co are planning consultants specialising in rural projects, including glamping, tourism, rural commercial, agricultural, equestrian, and residential schemes. We LOVE playing a part in helping people overcome planning hurdles. Contact our friendly team today to book in for a free initial telephone consultation with one of our planning consultants.

At the end of this call we will recommend one of 4 options:

1) Your proposal sounds good - let’s apply for planning permission
2) We need to do some further research into the site specific details
3) Let’s put it to the Local Planning Authority for some feedback
4) We don’t think you’ll be able to get planning consent at this stage

We’ll be honest and upfront with you about what we think the likelihood of success is, and how much we’ll charge. We truly are on your side and will be working as hard as we can to fight your corner.

Let's Chat

If you would like an informal chat about the process of getting planning permission please call Hannah Moule on 01299 667344

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