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Clear Sky Consultancy FAQs - General Questions

What are the tents made of?

Polycotton Canvas Manufactured by TenCate

What makes up the structure?

FSC Certified wooden pressure treated soft wood Force 11 rated 70mph, Steel brackets, rachets & lashing straps.

What wood is the decking?

Kiln dried sawn treated timber decking boards on the veranda

How long do the Safari Tents last?

1 Year manufacturing Warranty and advise 7+ years looking great

How are they fixed to the base?

Mounted on Steel brackets attached to the side of the deck

What are the various canvas types?

KA46 which come as standard. TenCate Polycotton 50% polyester/50% cotton, fire resistant, water & dirt repellent, 45cm water column. Breathable, moisture regulation of the cotton combined with the strength and durability of polyester makes the KA46 a popular choice.

Option to upgrade to CAMPSHIELD which is fully British standard fire, rot & waterproof. This can understandably extend the order time as it is specially made. TenCate Campshield is flame retardant and provides extra safety, meets requirements for all glamping, scouting, festivals & international organizations.

What is the roof made from?


What colour can the Canvas be?

Standard most popular is Camel, it is also available in a range of other colours for a small surcharge of around 10% more.

What is the footprint of the floor?

Around a meter square. The structural stakes that support the raised floor frame don’t impact life below the tent i.e., wildlife friendly, environmentally friendly with minimal impact on the environment and minimal contact with the ground as the structure sits above, no guy ropes.

Overhang Distance?

The canvas is protected by the PVC roof which is around 1 meter overhang at the rear and sides & 2 meters at the front so protects from the elements.

Do I need planning?

Yes, depending on type of land, change of use may be required, we recommend speaking to your local planning department. We can assist with the provision of structural specifications to aid with your planning if required.

Can the safari tents be heated?

Yes, we offer professionally fitted wood fired stoves, you can also install underfloor heating.

Can they be used all year round?

Yes, they are intended to be used all year round.

What would be my Return On Investment?

Usually, we expect ROI over a maximum of 1.5 seasons based on full capacity

How are they furnished?

We offer full interior packages from tables to free standing baths to wood fired exterior saunas to suit your needs. However, they are available completely empty if you would prefer to furnish the lodges yourselves.

What are the interiors made from?

Inner canvas walls or wooden wall packs are available to suit your requirements.

How do I build it/ who installs it?

We have a specialist team who will install the safari tent for you, or you can choose to self-build with the option of purchasing our technical support package

How much would my investment be?

This really depends on your choice of Safari tent and how glamourous you would like the interior

How long do they take to build?

Depending on the specification, weather and location 2-5 days

What surface can they be built on?

The base is mounted on legs so they can be built on nearly any type of surface, most popular surfaces are fields and hard standing

Do they have windows? Or Doors?

External doors and windows are material either mesh or plastic, rollup or zips. Additional options are to have external bifold doors. Internal sliding doors can be created with the additional wall packs, or canvas zip doors. All tents have fire exits via a special Velcro fire escape window.

How many people do they hold?

this will depend on the chosen internal layout, from a couple to a family of 8

Do they/can they have electricity and plumbing?

Yes, a variety of options are available.

How do I order one?

Call, email, visit us or we will visit you, and we will arrange the rest.

Delivery lead times?

8-12 weeks for a standard fit

What maintenance is needed for the tents?

We recommend our 6 monthly maintenance packages, so we do it all for you, the tents are designed as a permanent structure. However, we do provide a maintenance and care manual with every lodge.

What should I consider when siting the tent?

We provide professional on-site guidance with the most suitable locations for your Safari Tent, taking into consideration for example prevailing winds, ground surface, gradient, water table and tree surround.

Can I have the tent on a slope?

Yes, we can offer an additional elevation package, this will include additional railings and steps.

What should I expect for delivery of my safari tent?

Specialist transport only of your Safari Tent to your chosen site, it is the client’s responsibility to offload the lorry & store until installation, delivery updates are provided by us throughout the process.

What is the payment process?

We require 50% Deposit on confirmation of order, 40% 7 days before delivery, 10% on completion or if self-install 10% on delivery. There are companies that offer finance, and an example can be found on our website.

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