Glamping Wood-Fired Stoves
for Safari Tents & Lodges

The four elements of nature

Earth, Air, Fire and Water

From the beginning of time we have always been attracted to a beautiful warming flame and glowing embers.


The Clear Sky Range of stoves are super-efficient, clean-burning and meets the new low particulate emissions for the European 2022 standard

They are designed with passion and dedication, engineered with excellence to deliver an efficient and clean burning flame to maximise the fuel being burnt.

Built with attention to detail, making it simple and easy to operate with a focus on providing warmth, and a beautiful centre piece in your space, staging a dancing flame with glowing embers through a large glass window.

glamping medium wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stove

Our medium stove is stylish and is a high performing stove with a total efficiency of over 84% making it one of the most efficient stoves you can buy, it will enhance any surroundings it’s in.

• Efficiency Rating “A+”
• Total Efficiency 84.8%
• Log Length - 250mm

Heat Outputs
Range from - 2.5kw to 6.5kw

glamping large wood burning stove

Wood Burning Stove

The large stove has a huge panoramic glass panel in the door so you get the full effect of the dancing flames from any angle within the safari tent. The large stove is perfect for any space especially ones with a bigger area.

• Efficiency Rating “A+”
• Total Efficiency 78%
• Log Length - 350mm

Heat Outputs
Range from - 4.0kw to 8.5kw



The Clear Sky Range has passed the latest United Kingdom and European Clean Air accreditations for DEFRA and the Eco-Design Standard. Making these multi fuel stoves - super-efficient in their performance, extremely clean to burn and environmentally friendly.

  • • Passed the DEFRA standard for Clean Air Emissions e 10 year extended warranty
  • • Approved to the Eco-Design 2022 Standard for minimal particulate emissions
  • • Fully tested, accredited to BSEN-13240 and CE Marked
  • • Minimal distance to combustibles
  • • Eco-Clean Burn — Powerful 3 Way Air Management System
  • • Simply controlled with 2 Air control knobs
  • • Top or Rear flue option
  • • Double heat baffle system in the firebox, easily removed for chimney sweeping
  • • 5” Flue Outlet
  • • Cast Door with ceramic glass
  • • Log retainer bar easily removed for cleaning the firebox
  • • Adjustable Feet
  • • Construction - Steel body and Cast Door
  • • Rear and Flue heat shield to reflect the heat into your space
  • • Primary Air, Secondary Door Air Wash and Tertiary Burn Air Controls
  • • Radiant and conventional heat output
  • • Excellent relaxing flame pattern
  • • Multi-fuel stove for burning wood and smokeless fuels
  • • Designed and manufactured in the U.K.


  • • Log Store — to lift the stove up and provide a neat space to store your logs
  • • Direct Air Feed - Full external air input kit for Primary, Secondary and Tertiary air
  • • Enamelled high gloss cast door
  • • Black door handle

The Clear Sky Range have all passed the new Eco-design standard which significantly reduces the Particulate Matter (PM) emissions by burning wood more efficiently and completely. We achieve this by our unique and simple Eco-Clean Burn 3 Way Air Management System which ensures all of the unburned gases in the fuel are burnt off before going up the flue, producing the maximum heat output from the fuel being burned making the stoves extremely cost effective to use.

  • • Internal heaters have less space within the tub but take less time to heat.
  • • Internal heated hot tubs need less space for installation.
  • • Externally heated tubs have larger tub capacity but take longer to heat.
  • • External heaters need more space for accommodation.
Small Wood-Burning Stove
Glamping Hot Tubs

Glamping Hot Tub

Glamping Hot Tub

Medium Wood-Burning Stove
Hot Tub Glamping

Glamping Hot Tub

Glamping Hot Tub

Large Wood-Burning Stove
Hot Tub Glamping

Glamping Hot Tub

Glamping Hot Tub
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